About Prophet Elijah

Our God is truly alive and moves in every ones life. All it takes is faith and trust in the Lord. Many people have experienced spiritual growth, healing, found jobs, found the right marriage partners, restored their marriages, conquered barrenness, conquered poverty and found prosperity through my prophecies, spiritual guidance and prayers.

Join my family and I every Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm for Holy Spirit prophecy, prayers and worship at Randburg, 85 Braamfischer road.

God's answers to prayer are based on three things: 1) What will give Him the greatest glory, 2) What will give you the greatest good and 3) What will give you spiritual growth.

Allow me to speak and minister into your life in Jesus' name. Join me every Saturday at 2pm.

Join me in glorifying God for His greatness, mercy, guidance and answered prayers! Spread the blessing and invite your fiends.


Prophet Elijah